GRACE: Poem by Radha Neelamana

When in agony darkness arise,
Man is searching for the ultimate bliss.
Deep in devotion, he finds at last,
Boundless mercy of the Almighty within.

Lighting the inner lamp to shine everywhere,
Life starts to change by all its own.
Nothing bothers when the Creator guides,
Not any illusions, no more sufferings.

Let your goal be attaining this, and
Let this be true with the Master’s grace
Calmly bow down to the feet of Krishna,
HE is the Truth and HE is the message.

Thus you achieve forever joy, and
Thus you embrace eternal peace.

Poem by Radha Neelimana

About the poet

Born in Kerala, India, Radha Neelamana is a multilingual poet and a spiritual aspirant. She hails from an ancient aristocratic family of northern Kerala where music, art literature etc. were the very background for her childhood. Her father, Shankaran Embrandiri Neelamana, who is an artist in Thidambu Nrutha (a ritualistic dance performed in Temples of North Malabar in India), is an awardee of Kunjan Smaraka Award and Kavana Kouthukam Mukhthaka Puraskaram.

Radha Neelimana moved to Pune when she was seventeen and pursued her graduation in economics at SNDT University. Having proficiency in English, Hindi and Malayalam, her poems are published in a few magazines namely Jnanagita, Bhaktapriya etc. Presently she is living in Kerala engaged in literary, cultural activities.