Golden opportunity for us; create ‘two-front’ situation: Pak’s ex-diplomat on India-China tension

Former Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit has said this is the ‘ideal time’ for his country to mount a military action against India to ‘deliver justice to the people of Kashmir’. “This is the opportune time. In 1962 we got an excellent opportunity but we missed it. We have to take it up with the Chinese and cross the line of control and go 10-15 km inside Indian territory. But we have to do some work. I agree that Pakistan’s situation is not good. Be it with Afghanistan on the Western border. We have to talk to the Taliban and secure the border.”

Speaking in a Pakistan TV programme, Basit said if proper homework is done Pakistan can achieve this feat. “Let us seize the opportunity and what happens.” He said: “We call ourselves Muslims. But when our Muslim brothers in Kashmir are facing repression and Bharat, through treachery had brought the situation to its advantage.”

Basit said India should be brought under ‘two-front’ situation.  “If we want to free Kashmir, we have an ideal situation now. If we don’t act, we don’t know when such a situation will come and at that time what will be the position of Kashmir, we do not know.”

The former diplomat said that Pakistan has failed in diplomacy. It doesn’t have the will to do it. “But we are aware of Bharat’s long-term plans with regard to Gilgit-Baltistan and Jammu and Kashmir, we have to create a two-front situation anyway,” he added.

Basit insists that this is right time, notwithstanding the corona situation. “We are willing to go on the front. People are ready to sacrifice. If government shows some courage, we can achieve this. We have to make one more action, not unilaterally, but in consultation with China. Insha Allah Let’s see what happens. This is the only way to give azadi to Kashmir,” he said.