Girl narrates shocking sexual abuses in madrassas; once ustad spat in her mouth as punishment

    The CPI(M)-led government in Kerala is only interested in rights and reform of Hindu women and always turns a blind eye towards the plight of women in other communities. Recently the CPI(M) proxies organised a Arpo Arthavam (Hail Mensuration) event in Kochi where Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan was supposed to take part. The organisers had put up an entrance gate in the shape of a vagina. In this programme, songs denigrating Lord Ayyappa and Hinduism were sung by the participants who belonged to ultra-Left groups. The fund for the programme was given by the government, it is reported.

    Recently, in a discussion on menses, a Muslim girl narrated the plight of Muslim girls who face physical torture and sexual abuse silently in madrasas. According to her, sexual harassment in madrassas are never a topic of discussion or taken up as an issue by organisations.

    According to her, there is no gender equality in madrassas. From Standard 2, the Quran recitation is a compulsory subject. During periods, girls are not supposed to recite or even touch Quran. But she can’t make herself absent during this period. One cannot tell ustad that “I can’t recite because I in period.” So these girls will be subjected to severe physical torture. They will say some excuses like “I forgot Quran or I did not study or I can’t remember.” Beatings are so severe that it will start bleeding. But it has never been highlighted.

    “When we start growing breasts…even if we are wearing pardah, ustads will be invariably staring at them. As punishment when they pinch, they choose places between breast and armpits or between legs.”

    Recalling a puke-worthy incident, she said when she was in Class 1, one ustad spat inside her mouth as a punishment for some minor mischief.

    They usually don’t torture boys this much. “I am not saying boys are not being sexually abused. Such things happen.” But girls face even severe abuses.

    “You cannot complain against the ustads. It is like you are not supposed to question religion or Quran. I said goodbye to madrassa education after an ustad sexually harassed me. And with that my faith in the religion has also gone.”