From the safe haven of Kerala to the tough custody of NIA: The journey of a ‘princess’ named Swapna

She has been living like that of a princess with all the comforts offered by the government and the riches that she earned from her crimes – however, the journey of Swapna Suresh won’t be easy for the very reason that she is under the custody of NIA who are famed for their foolproof investigations that have left a number of VVIP’s behind the bar for decades.

Swapna Suresh, a former executive secretary at the UAE Consulate-General’s office emerged as a prime suspect for her role in forging Consulate documents to illicitly enjoy diplomatic immunity for gold smuggled from the Gulf.

Suresh’s alleged role in the gold smuggling racket and her connections to former principal secretary M Sivasankar, under whom she worked as a contract staff with the state government’s flagship Space Park project, has now snowballed into a major controversy in Kerala.

While the NIA is yet to grab essential details from her regarding her role, it is clear that the crime that she committed, for a nationalist, is a crime towards the very nation and for sure, she will have to pay its price. However, the nation is curious to know the names of those, who are still protected by strong arms in the state.