From A Lonely Old Mother

Painting: Mother and Child by Ramesh Gujar

Each time I take out a piece of paper,
To scribble a few lines,
But can’t pen down even a single word;

Tears fill my eyes, blur my vision
And with those teary drops, I pour my heart out!

I remember that wretched day in my life
The day you left me in the old age home. 
A bamboo walking stick was your last gift,
That I never used, But kept wrapped up in a satin cloth,
Safely, dear son, in my rusted iron trunk.

Every night I look at the walking stick, And I see you, I feel you…
I whine and weep all through the night, Till my passionate intensity loses steam
And mind starts floating on the sea of hopelessness!

How can I hate you? I’m your mother!
When you were small, learning to walk
How many times did you fall?
I lend my these very arms; held you tight So that you could walk without fear!

In your thoughts, my memories gather,
The days we spent together joyfully!
As loneliness hurts me in your absence,
Alas! I wish if  I could come near you.
But sweet memories fight to fill the gap-
Like little raindrops, upon barren lands;
Yet, the gap remains, unfilled as ever! 

You never turned up ever after, How much I yearn for your presence!  
Little do you know how a mother’s 
Heart bleeds for her child!

Before I part with the world, I want to give a tight hug I know it’s just a dream, a dream never to be fulfilled!
Yet, a mother’s quench for love never dies, 
As long as the world lasts!