Fresh bid to take young women to Sabari: Commies back with their nefarious games

Bindu Ammini who entered the Sabarimala temple along with another woman Kanaka Durga clandestinely with the support of CPI(M) sympathisers in the state police has made more attempts to visit the shrine.

A Maoist, Bindu, along with another atheist woman Libi, had to drop their plans following protest from devotees. Besides the police protection, it is learnt that CPI(M) leaders provided all facilities to the duo.

According to Bindu, she wants to set a record by entering the temple as many times as possible. The duo said they do not have faith in the deity and their purpose was to establish their right. Also she wants to show to the world that she entered the temple scaling the holy 18 steps.

As the news about her arrival at Perumbatty near Sabarimala on May 14, 2019, several Sabarimala Karma Samiti workers reached the site. The police took Bindu to her friend’s house in Kottayam.

Following public outrage, the LDF regime has been keeping its hands off Sabarimala in the run-up to the election. Even the aggressive-sounding Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan chose to keep mum on the issue during election.

“Once the elections are the Communists are back in their game of insulting Hindus,” said a Samiti worker.



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