Four more Indians tested positive for COVID-19 on Diamond Princess cruise ship

ダイヤモンド・プリンセス号 大黒ふ頭/大黒ふ頭に停泊している大型クルーズ船ダイヤモンド・プリンセス号=2020年2月19日午前8時39分、横浜市鶴見区=横浜市鶴見区

The Diamond Princess cruise ship harboured at Japan coast have confirmed four more Indians infected with the coronavirus. Those tested negative will be facilitated to travel back home, said the Indian Embassy.

With the fresh infections, the total number of Indians infected with the virus on the vessel rose to 12, the embassy said.

“Unfortunately, results received as of 1200 JST (Japan Standard Time) include 4 Indian crew members having tested positive,” the Indian embassy tweeted.

“All 12 Indians are responding well to treatment,” the mission said.


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