Four Islamic NGOs on Centre’s radar over visit to Rohingya camps

Intelligence agencies have been keeping a close watch on the activities of certain non-governmental organizations (NGOs), whose members had visited Rohingya settlements in Jammu and elsewhere. According to intelligence officials, agencies have found that some of the NGOs that have visited Rohingya refugees recently have links with radical groups. The agencies are also looking into the antecedents of the members of these groups. “It is very important to keep tabs on these organizations as some of them have dubious connections. The common link connecting all these organizations is the extremist outfit Popular Front of India,” an official told Indus Scrolls on the condition of anonymity.

Intelligence agencies have identified some NGOs which are on the watch list. The official said four NGOs — two from Malappuram in Kerala, Shelter India Charitable Trust and Islamic Research and Relief Trust (IRRT), UAE-based Sharjah Charity International and Rahmat Ulla Hi Allayaha Charitable Trust based at Shivamogga, Karnataka — figure prominently in a report prepared by the agencies. “One of the Kerala-based Islamic groups has collected about Rs 2 crore from Kuwait in the name of Rohingyas,” he said. Hawala channel is being used to transfer money, said another intelligence officer. Some members of the NGOs were active followers of two Malayalam pro-ISIS blogs and seemed to be highly radicalized. What amazed the intelligence officials is the amount of support these online platforms get from youths. The official said South Karnataka districts are fast becoming hub of Islamist groups. Another name mentioned in a dossier submitted to the Centre is that of Ubais Sainuddhin, a Kerala-based human rights activist, who is allegedly a sympathizer of radical groups.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that there are about ten radicalized Rohingya rebels staying in Malappuram. It has also come to the notice of the agencies that some organizations were whipping up communal frenzy through social media on this issue.

Last month, some Muslim organizations had organized special prayers and protest marches in Kerala to express solidarity with Rohingya refugees. K Ali Kutty Musaliyar, general secretary of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama, said in a statement: “It is highly condemnable that India is trying to deport the refugees instead of giving protection to them… The Union government’s stand… is against that tradition of the country.”

(Picture courtesy: Deccan Herald)