Former SC judge KT Thomas welcomes scrapping of Haj subsidy

Former Supreme Court judge K T Thomas has welcomed the Centre’s decision to do away with the Haj subsidy. He said the government by withdrawing the subsidy has done justice to Islam and this was in line with the Islamic tradition.

Addressing a function at Sanatana Dharma College in Alappuzha, he said, “Islam envisions a Haj pilgrim, who after clearing all debts and after observing zakat, must go to the holy place using hard-earned money. However, so far the un-Islamic practice of going on pilgrimage on public money was being done. Now the Union Government has scrapped it.” He said although many Christian groups had also demanded such travel subsidies, he was always against demands.

Thomas said India has accommodated all religions and people. “Indian democratic idea is sublime. The transition of India to democracy was not fraught with any bloodshed and this forms a glorious chapter in the entire world history,” he said.

The retired judge’s recent statement that it was the RSS which has kept the country’s integrity intact after the Indian Constitution, democracy and Army has drawn national attention.

Thomas called for transparency in the running of religious institutions. There should be a law that will ensure that such institutions are run in a transparent manner, he added.