Filthy Pakistanis Celebrating India’s Pain, World Condemns their Attitude

Filthy Pakistanis Celebrating India’s Pain, world condemns the act
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Amid the partial failure of India’s moon mission when international media laud India with their applauses, the Pakistanis are celebrating the moment as India’s ‘Grand failure’. Unveiling the filthy attitude of the country, even a minister came up with remarks that mock at the bravery of India to explore the unknown territory of the moon.

A provoking tweet from Pakistan Science Minister addressing India says, “Dear Endia; instead of wasting money on insane missions as of Chandrayyan or sending idiots like Abhinandan for tea across LoC, concentrate on poverty within, your approach on Kashmir ll be another Chandrayyan just price tag ll be far bigger.

In one tweet, he shared a video showing Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing ISRO staff. “Modi g is giving Bhashan on Sattelite communication as he is actually an astronaut and not politician, Lok Sabha should ask him QS on wasting 900 crore Rs of a poor nation, (sic)” he tweeted.

The tweets carrying the hashtag of #IndiaFailed is trended while tweets and replies have occupied much space on twitter. While most of the tweets carry hatred towards India, a few Indians too marked their opinion. Nevertheless, the inhuman act of Pakistanis has invited stringent criticism from across the world.