Fascism rules the roost in Tiruvananthapuram college; SFI goons stab own comrade

Kerala is still shell shocked by the University College incident of SFI goons stabbing their own comrade in the campus. The provocation is simple: Akhil Chandran, the victim, rendered a song in front of the college union office turned SFI unit centre turned ”torture chamber”. A sizeable section of the Kerala population or those who do have at least an iota of university College’s 25-year history are not surprised to hear the happenings there. Akhil has given his statement to the investigating police officials. SFI leader Sivarenjith stabbed him. He is the college unit leader of SFI. There were some non-student outsiders also. Unit secretary Naseem was in the team of attackers too. After stabbing they shouted that if he complains they would finish him.

University College campus in Tiruvananthapuram is infamous for its CPM fascism. Since the last quarter of a century, no student body other than SFI can form a unit there. No student other than SFI workers can file nomination papers for a union election. Once a student showed ‘insubordination’. But, SFI workers tore up the nomination papers in front of the principal. CPM uses the SFI goons of this campus for all sorts of violence in the capital city, that is for attacking the political opponents in all periods and combating the police force when CPM is in Opposition.

But, last year the SFI goons led by Naseem attacked the CPM chief minister-controlled police for stopping their colleagues for the blatant violation of the traffic rules. The policemen were hospitalised for several months with broken legs and hands. But, Pinarayi’s police took four months to arrest Naseem who had been ruling the roost in the college campus, streets, party offices and own home! And, the arrest was conducted with utmost hesitation as his visual of participating in a CPM minister’s programme was telecast by channels. The same time, the victims were forced to give statements that they do not have any complaint.

Now, 10 of 16 accused are arrested, thanks to the public opinion and media onslaught CPM and the LDF government suffer. When the police raided the house of Sivarenjith, his family members and relatives attacked the media men. His father was seen smashing a media vehicle with a long iron rod.

And, adding insult to the injury, the reports pour in that the SFI goons involved in the stabbing case are in Kerala PSC rank list for police recruitment. Sivanranjith got the first rank and Nassim the 28th rank; both are prime accused. Some other SFI goons are also in the list. They appeared for the test for the recruitment for Kasargod district, the extreme northern district of the state but, apparently they wrote the examinations in Thiruvananthapuram, the southern tip of Kerala! Obviously a mystery. Right thinking people suspect some sort of forgery in hall tickets.

And, police recovered bundles of university answer paper sheets and from the SFI unit centre and the home of Sivarenjith. They also recovered the seal (rubber stamp) of the Director of Physical Education of Kerala University from SFI centre. It is to be remembered that Sivarenjith had produced the university certificate for coming 1st in archery competition hence secured grace marks in PSC tests.

The victim Akhil Chandran has told his father that he was stabbed by Sivaranjith, leader of college SFI unit. He has mentioned that Nasim helped Sivarenjith to stab. He adds that the attackers shouted that they would kill him if he complains about the incident. They also told him that they would become policemen soon. Akhil’s father is a hardcore CPM worker. Grandfather also was a local CPM leader. Akhil gave the same statement to the police. Both Sivarenjith and Naseem told the police that Akhil’s ‘insubordination’ provoked them.

P.P. Pranav, another SFI leader of the college, has secured the 2nd rank. Former DG of Police T.P. Senkumar stated that there should be a thorough investigation into the situation under which the accused got ranks in the PSC examination He added that the rank list should be cancelled and fresh examinations be conducted.

No doubt, that the accused in this case got different colleges and schools in the Thiruvananthapuram city as their examination centres are mysterious circumstances. ‘Did they forge the hall ticket?” is the one million dollar question.

Now, the demand for the cancellation of the PSC rank list is getting momentum day by day. ABVP and Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) are agitating to press this demand. They are brutally attacked and by the police in Tiruvananthapuram.

Today a voice message is doing the rounds in channels. It is from a PSC “rank holder” who claims to have spent several hours with PSC chairman in his offices. it says, the chairman told him that he is under pressure from the media and non-LDF organisations to cancel the rank list. He mourns, he has never done any favour to his family members or children. (It obviously means, whatever favours he has done were for SFI, read, CPM. The voice message tells, the chairman told him (the visitor) that he wants agitations in front of his offices demanding not to cancel the rank list !!! Then only he can stick on to the rank list!

BJYM workers, led by its state president Adv. Prakashabu, stormed into the VC’s office to protest the poorest mode of handling the answer papers which permits the SFI goons to keep them in their custody. Reports suggest that the university does not have an account of the papers went out and those came back after the examinations. Interestingly, VC has appointed his PVC and the Controller of Examinations to investigate into the infamous happenings concerning the university answer sheets and the rubber seal. The two officials are reported to be the stooges of CPM.

Meantime, this infamous college does not have a qualified principal. The man at the helm is man-in-charge, another CPM stooge! Even two hours after the incident, this guy told the media that he was busy hence did not know about the stabbing incident! Under these circumstances, ABVP ad BJYM are determined to step up their agitation.

Meanwhile, reports say, intelligence department had reported years before those weapons were amassed in university college; weapons were transported to the campus even in the vehicles of the teachers and they were hidden under the podiums professors use !! But, the report was ignored by even the Congress-led UDF government.

Nikhila, the former girl student of the University College who attempted to commit suicide due to the pressure from SFI leaders to participate in agitations, even at the cost of the studies, told the media that she was under heavy threat and pressure hence had to leave the college despite being an SFI sympathiser.

In spite of the SFI involvement in the University College incidents, the fact remains, the real culprit is CPM. The party makes use of this infamous campus and the criminal SFI blokes to fulfil their brutal political ends. It is the dirty politics of CPM to safeguard the last bastion in the country.