Encore – David versus Goliath!

Come 2019, it would be time for another mammoth festival type of event in the Indian nation.The next general elections. The last was held in 2014 when an absolute majority was accorded to the Narendra Modi offering by the BJP. Modi was a rabbit sprung by the electorate on a hopeful country against the INC which had held the seat of power for a little over a decade till then. All had cheered. The thumping majority was viewed as a repeat of the biblical David versus Goliath fight. The rank and file of Modi’s campaign workers had spread the good word that every voter would be receiving a certain portion of the illegally stashed black money to be retrieved from overseas havens. There were those who were feeling very asphyxiated over the atmosphere of nepotism and scams generated by a non-accountable coalition group of political parties led by INC. And, there were those literates that were looking forward to a people’s government in the real sense of the term.

In the four years since assuming office, Modi led from the front. With clinical surgery style, the new regime went about addressing the need to eliminate filth and dirt from public places as well as swiftly undertake a demonetization exercise as a result of which stone-pelting mobsters in Kashmir valley to currency- notes distributing political parties turned into ghosts of the past! Self-esteem of Indian nationals was restored and faith in Modi’s sincerity of purpose was redeemed with the clamping down on known suspects of illegally hoarded wealth keepers, be the sons of erstwhile ruling party or other bribe givers. What has also emerged in this span of four years has been the exposure of public bodies such as nationalized banks and private banks to the many vulnerabilities of the systems in vogue. Space research and defence self-reliance are notable spheres of progress made by the country.

Yet, the Achilles heel of India is the monster of casteism! Unless this is birdied and caged by the horns, a thousand years of rule by Modi will prove ineffective in attaining the avowed objective of our Constitution, viz; Justice – social, political, economic for all citizens of the country. It is not being repetitive to urge the Government to usher in a uniform civil code and create more and more job opportunities to turn the caste-reservation bogey redundant. It is against this backdrop of things on the national firmament that Rahul Gandhi’s challenge posed to the dominant position of Modi cannot be pooh-poohed away!

David versus Goliath has its encores and there’s never the last act for David. Unless he loses his act. Action replay – 2014 in 2019. But, is it premature to predict and cheer or are the cheerleaders going to let down the emperor who looms large over a jilted prince of desi politics? Yes. Priyanka, sister of Rahul Gandhi could stand the titillating chance of becoming the next David of India if… her husband, Robert continues to enjoy the Z-category security and entailing privileges of being the most ‘respected’ commoner son-in-law of Indian nation by this Government of equal opportunity for all citizens (for reasons best known only to them)?!
In God – Modi, we trust.