Emotional moments when ISRO chief breaks down after Vikram loses contact and PM Modi consoling him WATCH VIDEO

As signals from Vikram on his mission to moon were stopped, perhaps every patriotic Indian might have felt their breath too stopped. Needless to say about those scientists who have been sacrificing their days for the fulfillment of the mission.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the scientists to not lose hope for life has always ups and downs. In his encouraging address to the scientists, PM Modi added that a major part of the mission has been successful and congratulated the space research organisation.

It was Isro chief K Sivan was inconsolably upset who broke down after the speech. In a video that has gone viral on social media, PM Modi was seen consoling him with a heartfelt hug. It was an emotional moment considering the effort that went behind India’s second lunar mission.

However, though PM Modi is seen patting and consoling the ISRO Chief, he himself was sobbing and trying in vain to control his tears. Perhaps it is the presence of such people including K Sivan and PM Modi makes India a great nation and every Indian must be proud of the same.

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