Eight persons from Kerala joined ISIS Killed: NIA

Eight persons from Kerala joined ISIS Killed: NIA

Ernakulam: The NIA has confirmed that eight people who joined IS in Kerala have been killed in various US attacks. As per official reports, there are 23 people from Kasaragod and Palakkad districts who joined IS for Jihadi operations. NIA confirmed that 8 among them were killed in US airstrikes.

Murshid Mohammed of Kasaragod, Mohammed Marwan of Thrikkarippur in Kasaragod, Hafeezuddin of Padanna, Mohammed Mansad, his wife Ajmala of KP Shihas, Yahya and KT Shibi of Palakkad are among the killed. They had fled the country to take part in various terror missions.

The NIA has already informed their relatives about their death, however, NIA said it would consider closing the cases filed against Afghan authorities only after an official confirmation from the Afghan authorities.

A number of people from Kerala, both men and women, have joined the Islamic State over the last few years. According to government data, the majority of the people who have joined ISIS from Kerala are from Kannur and Kasaragod districts.

Security agencies have been able to track 98 cases of men, women and children from Kerala joining the ISIS. As on June 15 this year, nearly 40 people, including eight women, from Kannur have joined the Islamic State out of which 38 have died.