ECOCAPSULE: The Self-Sustainable Micro-Home

    Conceived by nice&wise, a design studio formerly known as nice architects, the ‘ecocapsule’ is a low-energy, mobile dwelling packed into a compact egg-shaped form. The energy-efficient pod hosts two adults comfortably and features a built-in kitchenette offering running water. The structure also contains a flushing toilet, hot shower, a folding bed, and plenty of storage space for sporting or research equipment.

    Since original plans for the project were released in 2015, the ecocapsule has been a shortlisted entry of the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD of the same year. In 2018, the project was presented on the roof of the UNIQ building located in the center of Bratislava with plans to market the series—limited to 50 pieces—to buyers in the U.S, Japan, Australia and the EU.

    Nycxdesign is New York city’s annual celebration of design, attracting hundreds of thousands of attendees and designers from around the globe. The 12-day event invites New Yorkers and all city visitors to experience the self-sustainable microhome.

    ‘It has been a long time coming and we are very excited to launch ecocapsule in the U.S. This is an important market for us and we already have a lot of supporters here‘, says tomas zacek, founder, ceo and design director of ecocapsule. ‘We are looking forward to meeting people and showing them what ecocapsule is about. We also expect to find new distributors and attract businesses for cooperation. There has been a great interest in ecocapsule from the hospitality segment, so we hope to follow that direction a bit more‘.