E. Sreedharan to join BJP, no decision yet on contesting in polls, says India’s metro man

India’s metro man E. Sreedharan has said that he has decided to join BJP. Responding to reporters, he said that everything else will be decided later.

“BJP state president K. Surendran has informed everything during the press conference. I have nothing more to say,” said Sreedharan.

The metro man will be officially welcomed to the BJP during the ‘Vijaya Ratha Yathra’ led by K. Surendran scheduled to start on Saturday.

Earlier the day, Surendran said that he had requested Sreedharan to contest in the Assembly polls. He added that a decision in this regard will be taken if the party demands Sreedharan’s candidature.

With the arrival of E. Sreedharan, K. Surendran has succeeded in gaining attention for his ‘Vijaya Ratha Yathra’. BJP sources informed that many more will join the party soon.