Don’t leave this country

They tell me “leave this country”

For a better future, leave this country

There is no safety here

For women, for girls, for children

They tell me “leave this country”

The education system here is bad

There are no jobs, there is no money

There is no justice, no one follows the law

The criminals are set free, the innocent are hunted

The temples are looted

The minorities are killed

Here politicians are bad, police are worse

Bankers are corrupt, officials are scourge

But tell me how does one leave one’s Mother?


And look at those who tell me this

Look at those who have openly declared

That my Bharat has changed & is no more gentle…

When they want fame and recognition

They come back to Bharat

When they want love and respect

They come back to their Mother

When they want a balm for their soul

They find it in her arms

When they want peace and tranquillity

This Mother pats them laying them on her laps

They may make a lot of money abroad

But spending it here among friends and family

Is what brings them that rejoicing

Eating clean food abroad may be healthy

But it is the Paan here that brings that satisfactory burp

Even after death, they want

Their remains to become one with the soil here.


Oh come on! There is no place like home.

So instead of wailing about the conditions here

Let’s put our efforts towards improving it

At least give it a chance

Let our energies mingle with that of our Bharat

There is no chance of our failing

Because no Mother wants to fail her children ever

If we take one step, she’ll take two

Together we can make History anew.

Before choosing another country to settle in,

Remember that everybody likes a guest

But not forever.



  1. Rati Hegde I came back to my country in 60’ s giving up usa citizen ship to work for my family and country . I love my India


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