Don’t blame entire community for mistakes committed by a few: Mohan Bhagwat

RSS Sarsanghchalak Mohanrao Bhagwat has said one should not blame an entire community for a mistake committed by a group or individuals. He was indirectly referring to the Tablighi Jamaatis who were responsible for large-scale spread of Covid-19 pandemic. “If someone does some mistake, don’t blame and entire community; we should not distance ourselves from an entire community,” said Bhagwat while addressing workers through on an online platform.

According to him all citizens of the country are “children of Bharat Mata and therefore our kith and kin. We should not allow those forces whose motive is to break the country, taking advantage of our vulnerable situation, achieve their goal,” he said.

We should not allow those forces whose motive is to break the country, taking advantage of our vulnerable situation, achieve their goal

The RSS chief sought to give a new definition to patriotism. “In future, along with service activities, we should provide proper direction to the society. Use of swadeshi products, protection of water and vegetation, cleanliness, non-use of plastics should become part of our behaviour. The society should follow civil discipline — this is patriotism,” he added.

Bhagwat spoke at length about the importance of service activities. Seva Bharati, the RSS-inspired organisation, has undertaken a mammoth service activity during the lockdown. “The Sangh believes in the ideal – contemplate in solitude, when amid people, work for their betterment.”

He said the Sangh doesn’t undertake service activities for the sake of selfish motives, fame or to beat one’s own trumpet. “This society of 130-crore people is ours; this is our country and therefore we work. We should not discriminate and nobody should be left behind,” he added.

He called upon swayamsevaks to take part in service activities, as the country is passing through a difficult situation. “Do service as per one’s capability – this is our tradition. With this sentiment we rendered the service to the world as far as possible,” he added.

Bhagwat called upon workers to learn from the example set by Hanuman, we should use our power of understanding, intellect, vision, efficiency and perform our duty with full alertness.

“Self-reliance — meaning employment-oriented, low energy consuming, environment-friendly, economic development policy – will now be the new phase of nation-building,” he added.

He said the government, administration and society should fulfil their respective responsibilities. “A sense of sacrifice and understanding has to be maintained in the society,” he said.

According to him, only a society that has a socially-oriented administration, country-oriented politics, culture-based education and best practices can make an opportunity out of a crisis.