Don’t believe reports of chief’s death: Pro-IS media outlet

Quraysh Media, a propaganda media outlet of the dreaded Islamic State, posted a message urging jihad supporters not to believe any news source other than outfit’s official outlets.

The message referred to Al-Baghdadi using the honorific “May Allah preserve him,” indicating that they believe that he is still alive. Their statement reads: “Arab and international media agencies have circulated ‘news’ about issues which concern the Islamic State. There have been widespread discussions confirming or rejecting this news. We emphasize that the commander of the believers – may Allah preserve him (Al-Baghdadi) – ordered to stick to news issued by the official organs of the State of the Caliphate and avoid anything else. The obligation to adhere to ‘official’ (ISIS media) was stressed repeatedly in Al-Naba’ and Al-Bayyan Radio.

“We remind the brothers that these matters concern the State’s leaders, not its general public. There must be confirmation. No information or statements that might help the enemy should be shared. We pray to Allah to humiliate the Crusaders and those who are in their camp.”