Do planets affect our lives?

Our Rishis and saints have found that there is a definite connection between movement of planets and human conditions. Life is a mixture of good and bad events. Not only human beings, but countries and institutions have to pass through good and hard times. An astrologer well-versed in his science can exactly predict the destiny of a person, important events in his life on the basis of the planetary positions at the time of his birth. However, skeptics dismiss astrology as a fake science. For making exact predictions, training, knowledge and intuition are very important.
The causes of good and bad times in a person’s life can be explained in different ways. While a scholar in Dharma Sastra would explain it in terms of his karma, a psychologist might say his mental condition could have played a role. A necromancer might see the role of super natural forces. An astrologer will try to explain the situation on the basis of planetary positions. So what is the real reason? If you look at it objectively, you can see that all these have played a role.
According to Hindu sastras, the planetary positions at the time of our birth are determined by our karma in our previous births. This will in turn determine events in our lives. Through astrological calculations we can exactly forecast the future.