Do not say your problems are big; Rather, say that God is bigger than your problems

As the death of Bollywood actor still haunts people what is being discussed today is the villain behind the story – depression. Like that in may other stories, this lifestyle disease has taken the life of a man who captured the hearts of people not just through his style of acting, but also through his generosity.

The fact is the, though a person appears happy and coverup all his miseries with the mask of a pretty smile, depression within him could be fatal. In a world where people are busy grabbing the maximum from life, what they forget is to communicate with a fellow being. If Shushant had someone to speak up his mind, perhaps he wouldn’t have ended up his precious life. After all, its a matter of a few moments.

It is in this context a song sung by Anamta Khan that surfaces again in the internet and the social media has held it close to its heart. The song is translated so:

Don’t tell this to God that your troubles are big
Rather, tell the troubles, my God is Great.
Let the storms come, welcome them with a smile
God has made you strong enough to face storms in life

Gold becomes pure when it is heated in the fire
Only by crossing rough terrains, one can climb Himalaya
Your efforts will bring fruits, ultimately one day
The tree will grow & bloom for sure, as you have sown the seed

When HE is with you with all His Light & Might.
Your every act will bear fruit in his company.
Never feel defeated, take the first step with courage.
HE is with you to take a thousand steps

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