DIRTY LEADERS MAKE DIRTY POLITICS: Poem by Parvathy Ramachandran

When dirty politics, plays it’s part;
In the most demeaning manner!
We find leaders, the so called leaders-
Who actually doesn’t fit the role.
Well, a wolf in a goat’s shield.
And the wolf did sound from a distance
Hey! Never dare to compare me with those .
And the goat did pity itself.
Orwell and his Animal Farm-
Did explain the dirty politics.
And More’s Utopia is all a fantasy.
Before I coming up,
To make comparisons.
And let me declare:
If you take it, the words
were to pin and poke you.
Again pity on you!
As the goat felt for itself.

Judge thyself, with greater fancy;
Than to belittle yourself.
In groups, a group enriched of idiots-
A group enriched by, skillful manipulators.
Deceivers by default, that can’t be blamed.
For some are born great!
Some achieve greatness!
And some have greatness thrust upon themselves!
Well I define it, meanness too-
Insensible it is, though unwittingly.
And prove every hour
We are good for nothing else;
Playing dirty politics!

It’s dirty leaders, who make dirty politics.
So better stay away from dirt.
Or you too may smell foul and stale.
For lifeless stones, too smell sweet;
When fragrance, fills and flows.
Same way do dirt and filth too can;
Play all foul force, to fill in filth.
To contaminate, the schools:
that they belong to-
Making the common men;
Dare not, but to get duly signed-
Without perusal, denying
One’s individuality-
And gradually erasing democracy!
And fools tread where-
Devils, the dirty devils dwell in plenty!

Parvathy Ramachandran