Dignity in death, for rich or for poor

Death is the ultimate leveller we say
But is this true, I wonder.

When the poor man dies
Sometimes only his dog seems to really cry;
When the rich man dies
So many gather to openly cry.

An ordinary man leaves
Small debts, some property & some blessings behind;
A rich man usually leaves
Court cases, title deeds and insurance claims behind.

An ordinary person’s personal life
Quietens even wagging tongues on his death;
A rich man’s private lies
Spill out on everyone’s tongues, even while waiting for his death.

Struggles are borne with prayers, curses, some smiles & some tears
By every ordinary person;
But no one ever wants to peak beyond the mask
Till the death of a rich person.

Bodies of both become lifeless
The same way;
Souls of both leave the body
The same way.

Actions of the soul while in the body
Results in the body getting more respect
Or the soul getting more respect
The levelling happens
But, invisible to the human eye.



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