Devotees stand against Kerala Temple’s advisory council for inviting atheist MLA to speak on Ramayana; Says he insulted Hindus on Sabarimala issue

An outcry has raised by the devotees against M Swaraj, who came to address on Ramayana. He had earlier insulted Hindu deities and beliefs on Sabarimala issue. While continuously hurting Hindu sentiments, the MLA’s visit is to grab votes of Hindus in the coming elections, protestors say.

Swaraj had come to take part in the ongoing Ramayana discourse fest as part of the Karkidaka month at the Poornathrayeesa Temple. Swaraj said that Ramayana should be a masterpiece that does not require any special testament. He said that Ramayana is something that has a deep impact and is deeply rooted in the minds of the people.

Following the speech released by the Temple Advisory Committee through its Facebook page, the devotees started expressing their disapproval.

Swaraj had earlier made controversial statements that Sabarimala Ayyappan was not a superstitious celibate and that the Kanni Ayyappans did not come when the Sabarimala portals were opened during Onam due to the floods, thus Ayyappan may have married Malikappurathamma on the 18th of August.

Swaraj had also pointed out that the main message of the Ramayana was non-violence. He said that Ramayana should imbibe violence in the minds of people. Swaraj had said that Ramayana should be able to bring to our hearts the power to say no to all evil and violence in the world. However, this statement of his was also mocked by the public. The public claimed that if so he was knowledgeable against violence, it was Swaraj’s party who hacked TP Chandrasekharan to death.