Devi Skandamata

    ‘Ya Devi Sarvabhootishu Maa Skandamata  Sansthita, Namastasye Namastasye Namastasye Namo Namaha’

    O Mother, Devi Skandamata

    You paint such a picture of contrasts

    One of extreme maternal tenderness

    Holding your infant Skanda

    The future commander-in-chief

    of the powerful devtas

    Your son as a young seven year old

    To destroy the demon Tarakasura

    For such a brave warrior son

    A mother far mightier and fierce

    O Gauri so effulgent and fair

    With three eyes and four arms

    Ever vigilant and ready for battle

    While seated on your favored vehicle

    The ferocious Lion

    O Padmasani, seated on the lotus

    You inspire such bhava of sublime love

    In this Kalyuga in all new mothers

    when our  heart is achurn

    A paradox of emotions

    Real and symbolic, ever willing

    To go to the extreme

    For the safety of our young ones

    We pray to you O Maheshwari

    The one who resides in the Vissudhi Chakra

    Help us purify all the toxins and negativity

    Faced constantly in our endeavors

    Both mental and physical

    Energy waves, thought, air and food

    Imbued through our throat

    The way you raced to your consort

    Mahadeva hold and purify the lethal ‘halahala’

    Only you as Devi Tara could wield

    the healing secrets of

    ‘Ujjayi Pranayama’ and ‘Jalandhara Bandha’

    Within Shiva’s throat

    purging an asphyxiating world

    from the ills caused by Time Puzzle the ultimate poison

    Not all our journeys are meant

    To measure the ends of time

    True journeys one realizes turn inwards

    When we set about seeking our own truths

    You O Mother of Karthikeya, shine the light

    On our mistakes and wrong karmas

    And like all loving benevolent mothers

    Help us remove hinderances

    So we may gain ‘amrita’ of true knowledge

    We seek your blessings for our inner quests

    Helping us to  dissolve and dispel

    Insidious thoughts of anxiety and negative emotions

    For settling the ocean of self-doubts

    Clearing the path for the awakening Kundalini

    To merge with Parmata concsiouness

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