Devi Ma Kali

Efflugence uncontained
I spill and glint over western slopes
Spectacular Of Shiva’s icy shoulders
As I swagger uphill
crushed are impediments strewn
Time itself a vagary in my path,
woeful, these massive boulders
Ailing universes crushed by my tread,
I send pulverised fumarole in ‘Shiva’s’ volcano To ‘Shiva’s’ smithy
This mournful wail in your caverns
Plaintively chime my rising longings
On the wings of galatic winds
Indulge my smouldering being
Doused in liberal powdering of
Mortal ashes from your playground
Blue nakedness dyed in your essence
In and out of pyres, I swagger
Clanking sound of bones, my music
A girdle of lesser skulls
Riding a spiral over my sashaying hips
As I dance in divine ecstasy  & leap
With each note to a higher octave,
Each twist & untwist of your ‘damru’
I wind & reel- in ‘Time’ birthing Universes
These empty chalice of bleached skulls
 blood trail of faithless desires
A few drops on my ruby lips
Caught by a langurous tongue
I am the ultimate vacuum
The ‘bindu’ of infinity’s conjunction
You may swing in your arms
Immaculate essence of creation
I will remain the sullied but irresistible
Eternally cycled in and  out of you
Clad in swathes of celestial dust
The power of these glistening dark sinews
They set mother aEarths bossom atremble Attain I will, as I clamber higher
The vertical of your aloofness unfathomed
I am the roar of monstorous avalanches
Crashing the abyss of your paradise
Let me in, let me come through
I am the inert, a granite slab
At the edge of universe’s precipice
Waiting waiting for that leap
Into pitch darkness of your sleep


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