Delhi’s traffic improved after imposing higher penalties, says Kejriwal

Delhi's traffic improved after imposing higher penalties, says Kejriwal

NEW DELHI: Though a number of states including BJP-ruled have come up with objections on implementing the increased fines for motor vehicle law violations, it seems a big yes from Arvind Kejriwal, who said Delhi’s traffic had improved because of the new rules.

“There has been an improvement in Delhi’s traffic ever since the new Motor Vehicles Act has been implemented,” Mr Kejriwal told reporters today, as he announced that the odd-even scheme to reduce pollutions would be enforced once again in November.

“If there is any clause due to which people are facing more problems and we have the power to reduce the fine, then we will certainly do it,” he said.

Many states have resisted the amended Motor Vehicles Act and refused to enforce the fines. BJP-ruled Gujarat was the first to slash the fines, some to as low as 10 per cent of the amount in the new rules. According to reports Kerala is also on its way to redefine the fines.


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