Delhi violence: HC appoints advocate Zubeda Begum as amicus curiae

The Delhi High Court on Wednesday while hearing a petition filed by a social activist Rahul Roy for ensuring the safe passage of injured people in riot hit areas of North-East Delhi said, “it cannot let another 1984 to happen in the city not at least under their watch.”

Resuming the hearing at 2:15pm, of the special sitting of High Court convened at 12:30am today, the bench of Justices S Muralidhar and Anup Jairam Bhambhani said that this was the time for to reach out to people for support and assistance. “Every victim should be attended by the highest functionary so that they are assured of their safety,” said the bench.

“Keep aside your political differences and make your highest functionary visit the victims at priority,” added Justice Muralidhar.

Advocate for the petitioner Suroor Mander informed the court there has been arson and many people have left their houses in fear in the Northeast District.

Justice Muralidhar said the both the Central and State government leaders to go and meet people in the affected areas. “The highest Constitutional functionaries should move in Z+ security. It is time to show security is for everyone,” said Muralidhar.

Court also directed Delhi State Legal Authority (DSLA) secretaries of all the districts to keep their helpline open 24 hours.

Delhi Police informed the court that they would send a requisition for private ambulances in coordination with the Secretary Health.

Director of Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences was also directed to provide sufficient number of qualified professionals to cater to the riot victims suffering from trauma. Directing the Nodal officer of the court to coordinate with all everyone and take prompt action.

Court also asked the Delhi Police to make special request to the District Judges and other officers, so that they are available after court hours.

Senior Standing Counsel Rahul Mehra told the bench that Night Shelters and community centers should be used for the victims who have been displaced because of the riots for accommodating them. “Community centers and night shelters have basic facilities like blanket, food, medicines and sanitation with clean drinking water in ensured,” he said.

‪The bench said that additional night shelters may be required and asked the nodal officer of the court to coordinate.

The court as well appointed Zubeida Begum as Amicus Curiae in this matter.

(Content Courtesy: India Legal)


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