Delhi riots: Tahir Hussain’s bail pleas dismissed by Delhi Sessions Court

A Delhi Sessions court on Thursday dismissed three bail pleas of former Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) councillor Tahir Hussain in connection with the riots that took place in February this year.

While dismissing the bail pleas, Additional Sessions Judge Vinod Yadav noted that public witnesses are the those from the same locality and if the accused is released on bail at this stage, there are chances that the accused might threaten them.

“It is noteworthy that at the time of eruption of communal riots in the area(s) of northeast Delhi, the applicant has been in a powerful position and it is prima facie apparent that he used his muscle power and political clout to act as a kingpin in planning, instigating and fanning the flames of the communal conflagration,” the court observed.

“Therefore, at this stage, I find that there is enough material on record to presume that the applicant was very well present at the spot of crime and was exhorting the rioters of a particular community and as such, he did not use his hands and fists, but rioters as “human weapons”, who on his instigation could have killed anybody,” the judge said.