Delhi ‘love jihad’ girl might have been ‘psychologically kidnapped’, say friends

The Christian girl who ran away to Abu Dhabi from her Delhi residence to join her Muslim fiancé, also believed to be a resident of Delhi, is suspected to have been subjected to ‘psychological abduction’, said a source close to the girl’s parents. “From whatever CCTV visuals we saw, we suspect that she was acting under the influence of someone – as if she is being remote-controlled,” the source said. In their complaint to the Vice-Chairman of National Commission for Minorities, George Kurian, the girl’s parents have raised similar fears.

Psychological kidnapping is used by the Islamist groups to trap gullible Hindu and Christian girls in romantic relations and use them for terror activities. A few years ago, 31-year-old Deepa Cherian, a former Christian housewife and mother of two children converted to Islam, was allegedly used as a courier to deliver SIM cards to a notorious terrorist languishing in prison in a bomb blast case. She fell in love with a Muslim bus driver who had terror links.

In the infamous Akhila-Hadiya case, too, the National Investigation Agency had submitted to the Supreme Court that the woman had been subjected to “psychological kidnapping” and there were nearly 90 “similar cases” of indoctrination and radicalisation in Kerala. Several victims of ‘love jihad’ who returned to the Hindu fold after sometime also talked about “extreme psychological manipulation and indoctrination” carried out by the handlers of the conversion mafia. A Malappuram-based woman who returned to the Hindu fold told Indus Scrolls how she used to hate her parents and relatives after she got converted to Islam. “My mother cried and pleaded with me not to go; my father was in tears. But I was angry with them because they were (kafirs) infidels. My blood used to boil seeing them; I was feeling suffocated in my house and I just wanted to leave all of them,” she says. According to her, there were highly radicalised handlers who keep a close watch on the victims. “Once you are in, it’s difficult to escape. You are bombarded with ideas of heaven, hell, shirk (idolatry). They instil fear and a sense of guilt. Most of the victims I came across were sexually exploited and used by multiple partners,” she said.

Delhi girl writes to PM

Meanwhile, the girl has written a letter to the President, Prime Minister and Home Minister, seeking withdrawal of “fake allegations” of love jihad. This strengthens the suspicion of the parents that an organised group is providing all logistical support to the girl. After reaching Abu Dhabi, the girl converted to Islam in a court and gave exclusive “tutored sound bytes to Jamaat-e-Islami-run TV channel”.

In the letter, she writes: “I, XXX, as an adult citizen of India would like to believe that the constitution provides each and every citizen in India freedom of religion and freedom of speech. I have landed to Abu Dhabi from New Delhi International Airport on 18th September 2019 at the evening flight. I came to Abu Dhabi on my own and the man supported and helped me get visa and air tickets. I have embraced Islam on 24th September, 2019 under the Abu Dhabi court on my free will. I have take the new name as XXX. I have accepted this religion and would ensure that I would live my life with the same faith (sc).” (Her name hidden to protect the identity.)

She further writes: “I humbly request the state, the police and the media to take necessary legal action regarding the same and not propagate fake news such as I have been abducted or I am a part of and terrorist group. I would also request the state to live in my country land or anywhere peacefully without and hinderance and remove the case that are pending regarding the same issue. (sc)”