Debate in France over immigration after Muslim asylum seeker kills one, stabs 8 others

After a radicalised Muslim asylum seeker who killed a man and stabbed several others in the French city of Lyon on Saturday, a debate has started debate on whether to allow anymore immigration into the country.

The killer, a 33-year-old Afghan national, had stabbed a teenager to death and injured eight others on Saturday afternoon in Lyon. The assailant was overpowered by passers-by and handed over to the police.

The exact reason for the attack was still not clear. The attack triggered panic and widespread condemnation with far-right leader Marine Le Pen calling for a review of the immigration policy. Her stance has many takers, reports said. The mayor of Villeurbanne, Jean-Paul Bret, a Socialist, who visited the spot refused to attribute any motive to the attack.

Le Pen said the laxness of migration policy in France was posing “a serious threat to the safety of French people”.  The leader called upon the French authorities to stop immigration from Muslim countries, as France has been witnessing a series of terror attacks since 2015. Hundreds of people have lost their lives in attacks carried out by immigrant Muslims.

Jean-Paul Bret came down heavily on Le Pen. “It’s the classic reaction from the far-right which tries to turn a dramatic event to its advantage.” He also reminded Le Pen that offering asylum to people fleeing conflict in places such as Afghanistan was an international duty that France upheld.