De-Hinduizing Dalits, Marxists’ sinister design

Marxists are the worst enemies of so-called Dalits, so much so that under their venomous influence, innocent community of Dalits have been taken for a ride and gradually transformed into ‘self-enemies’.

Let us examine step by step, how.

Marxists hate history. They hate history because they venomously hate Truth. They hate Truth because otherwise they are unable to indoctrinate minds with their sinister ‘idiot-ology’. Truth is such an anathema to them that they pursue multi-pronged strategy to deal with history so as to negate it effectively –

Peddling lies and damned lies,

Twisting of facts and figures,

Appropriating facts and figures,

Utterly pervert facts and figures,

Nefarious campaigns, physical assaults and even murderous attacks, all dirty tricks are valid and legitimate too, for Marxists.

They succeeded most in poisoning weakest and powerless sections of society owing to the damned British legacy of ‘divide & rule’ policy, first in the form of Hindu-Muslim divide, then intra-Hindu  society divide. Non-Dalit discourses about so-called Dalits are centred around pragmatism, nationalism, bridging the social divide etc. while so-called Dalit discourses about so-called Dalits is centred around following venomous clichés –

CONTEMPT FOR BRAHMINS: They squarely hold Brahmins responsible for their millenia-old pitiable plight today. The malice is so strong that their so-called dapper prize-catch Kancha Ilaiah pleads that Brahmins of today must carry human waste on their heads as a measure of penance for the way so-called Dalits of yesteryears were treated by them!! He is completely and intentionally ignorant of the fact that the practice of carrying waste was imposed upon Hindus by Mughals for refusing to convert and certainly not by Brahmins upon any section of Hindu society.

BRITISH OPPRESSORS AS SAVIOURS OF SO-CALLED DALITS:  They hold British as their saviours from the so-called ‘Brahmin hegemony’. So-called Dalit authors like Chandra Bhan Prasad hold English language, British capitalism and British colonizers as emancipating forces for so-called Dalits. He is completely ignorant of the facts that English language destroyed so many things, their capitalism was extremely exploitative and colonizers were pursuing ‘divide & rule’ to honour their selfish objectives. By no stretch of imagination were so-called Dalits liberated by British plunderers.

BLATANT ASSERTION OF BEING NON-HINDUS: They now insist that Hinduism means Brahmanism  ONLY. Since they are not Brahmana-s, so they are not Hindu-s at all !! Hindus include all sections of society and the deliberately much misunderstood / much-maligned Manusmriti  has accorded pride of place to so-called Dalits and that they are fully entitled to study Vedas if so they desired in yesteryears.

ISLAM & CHRISTIANITY ARE EGALITARIAN FAITHS:  Such a view was propagated by the band of so-called ‘Eminent Marxist-Historians’ and repeatedly fed into their blank, innocent minds. Conversion propaganda came in handy for the so-called Marxist historians of ’eminence’. So-called Dalits were deliberately kept in dark about the numerous divisions that exist in these two faiths institutionally while in Hinduism, as a measure of aberration and distortion owing to the long spell of foreign domination.

In addition to these, so-called ‘Eminent Marxist-Historians’ also talked about Hindu caste system (which never existed in Hindu  society !), Hindu  scriptures exhort women-repression (intentionally oblivious of women being ordained to be worshipped as Sakti  in Manusmriti !), Aryan-Invasion Theory (proved an utter hoax so many times over !) etc. Some Brahmana-s born with Platinum spoon in their mouths, of ‘Bhadraloka’ variety or Poona-Brahmana  like PC Joshi, enamoured of the delusionary farce of Marxism, added fuel to fire. Venomous people like Somnath Chatterjee, son of Hindu-Mahasabha President Nirmal Chatterjee, STILL harbour fantasies of a Marxist paradise / Eden of Worker’s Milk & Honey (are not Islamic-Jihadis too, taught the same doctrine !!) over endless cups of expensive well-brewed Assam / Neelgiri tea and smoke-rings of imported cigarettes alongwith the fringe benefit of virgins though the IDIOT-OLOGY of the ideology of Marxism was wiped out throughout the world long ago !! Most of the academic chicanery dished out as ‘Dalita-discourse’ is authored by non-Dalita  phoney intellectuals out to milk Dalita  misery as much as possible. So-called Dalita  mind has been impregnated so viciously that they see everything being a Brahmana  conspiracy out to destroy them further.

Dalits are being blatantly used as pawns by the very forces which they consider as their well-wishers and these forces are not only inimical to them but also to the country as a whole. Marxists continue poisoning their minds. Missionary-parasites assure them to uphold their traditions after conversion (what traditions after conversion?). Islamists too, are displaying vicious sympathy only with the hope of converting them into Islam, then jihad. They actively invoke the name of Dr. Ambedkar and repeatedly tell them that they are their own. Dalits are being taught that despots/mass-murderers like Aurangazeb/Tipu Sultan were heroes and their religious sects, epitomes of equality and love. Dalits must know that Dr. Ambedker had very well-defined strong anti-Islam views as illustrated by him in his work Thoughts on Pakistan. Every Dalit must peruse his thoughts on Islam necessarily. Dr. Ambedker remains the only real Dalit intellectual till date while all others, farcical ones. His comments on Brahmins and Hinduism are accurate, after correct reading of history. It is really very unfortunate that after his demise, no other so-called Dalit scholar came into being to honestly guide the community.

In his book, Who were Sudras, Dr. Ambedker outright rejected that Aryans wrote Vedas, that Aryans came from outside, that original natives of the country were racially different, dark Dasas and Dasyus, that Aryans were a white race, that Dasas and Dasyus were enslaved as Sudras, that Aryans cherished colour prejudices etc. He asserted, Aryan was a linguistic term only. Dr. Ambedker’s first love was the nation and not the Dalits, as he spoke on November 25, 1949 in the Constituent Assembly: “…we must be determined to defend our freedom with the last drop our blood over and above caste, creed.” Also in his thesis to Columbia University: “Apparently the immensity of India’s contribution to England is as much astounding as the nothingness of England’s contribution to India. England has added nothing to the stock of gold and silver in India. On the contrary, she has depleted India.” His greatness goes to extent of building a house in Bombay’s Hindu colony and declaring, “You segregated me as an untouchable, I will reside right amidst you”. Will the Marxist-Mafia allow poor, innocent Dalits to know and absorb these realities in proper perspectives?

Dalit students celebrated pedda koora panduga i.e. beef-eating festival on the premises of Osmania University in Hyderabad as an expression of their cultural identity and constitutional right. If they have to assert their identity by way of something like beef-eating, it reveals the extent of schism that has been created by the Marxist-mafia within the Hindu society. Sole objective was to squeeze Hindus on the sensitive, personal issue of eating-habits so as to compel Hindus to take to streets, so as to enable these so-called ’eminent’ intellectual-stooges to declare, “Look, what did we tell you? Upper caste Hindus are fanatics….”. They have developed a sinister device by which they raise bogus issues like female vs. male, Brahmins vs. Dalits, Muslims vs. Hindus, Christians vs. Hindus, Dravidas vs. Aryans with the sole objective of dismantling the nation into fragments. Marxist-mafia even belittled serious, genuine efforts of Gandhi and Sardar Patel to make amends with the so-called Dalits, battered them ideologically to hate the word “Harijan” coined by Gandhi and also raise questions like, “Freedom for whom? Which freedom struggle? Which martyr? Which nation?”

Department of Humanities in majority of Indian universities have become indoctrination terror-camps wherein young minds are venomously poisoned with anti-nationalism, anti-Hinduism, separatist/isolationist mindset by faculty members who do not even deserve to be there as faculty members. So-called research papers/books that they publish in the name of scholarly pursuits, are nothing but street pamphlets full of anti-national venom disseminating divisive doctrines. Otherwise, their next preferred pastime is pitting one against the other so as to ensure, no one has time to point fingers at them and to bring about all round destruction of the institution. Even beef-festival organisers admitted, they were incited and supported by these loutish faculty members subscribing to the despotic Marxist idiot-ology.

I feel very sorry for the Dalits who were very badly let down by their own so-called intellectuals and politicians instead of defending them from this band of thugs and crooks called Marxists. They must accept that the policies and politics of confrontation, hatred shall take them nowhere. Sooner they make amends, better in the interest of nation.