Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (May 29)


Aries, you have to take an important decision today. Your experience and decision-making acumen will help you arrive at practical decisions. Think positive and make sure you have everything planned out for the day. Don’t let anything distract you from what you have to do.


Taurus, your health problems continue to worry you. On matters of heart, you’re too cautious. You have a lot of friends to rely upon. Things will definitely fall into place for you but you can’t always do it alone. Trust in god and yourself is very important today.


Gemini, love is in the cards for you today. Somebody wants to connect with you. Today this is about to change. You’re going to see someone in a new light, someone you didn’t expect to see romantically. Don’t get scared and keep an open mind. This is something good for you.


Cancer, in your relationship, you’ve gone in too deep, too quick. You might sense a weird pang of distance but don’t worry. This is just because your partner might think that you’re moving too fast. Assure your partner that you’re okay with taking things slow and there’s no hard and fast rule for anything. You need to be a little adjusting today.


Leo, your lover will shower you with love today. The person understands your good nature. You will get new opportunities today. Good day to start learning something new.


Virgo, you are the centre of attraction today. You will get positive signals from someone. Go for a date or spend a romantic evening with the person.


Libra, your charm is all the way up today. If there is something important that you need to do, then today would be a good day to do it as no one will be able to say no to you. You’re going to be spreading happiness and charm everywhere you go today and you’re definitely going to turn some heads.


Scorpio, you have been assailed by negative thoughts for sometime. You need to make changes in life if you need to grow in your personal and professional life. Remember that whatever happens, happens for a reason and good things are going to come your way. Meditate so you can get positivity flowing through you.


An ex-flame of yours is feeling envy at your rise. People are going to be around you all the time since you make them feel comfortable. Remember to show your love to ones you haven’t spoken to in a while as there might be someone missing you but too scared to reach out to you.


Cap, you seem to be a little distracted from work today. Keep work away for a while and try to enjoy life one day at a time. Work isn’t running away from you.


You are worried about the pending work. Beware of a nasty colleague. Today you will have to take an important decision on the work front. Take your boss into confidence before taking any decision.


You are a bundle of energy today. But be careful because this energy might lead you to overpack your day. Don’t add new things to your schedule today. Infact, put all your energy in whatever you already have planned and things will go smoothly.