Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (May 26)


You will face situations where you will have to take tough decision on your personal and professional fronts. Your leadership skills may be on test today. Try to be as diplomatic as possible and think things through with an unbiased mind.


Taurus, you need to slow down. Your hectic schedules have been taking a toll on your health. Your talents are not being used creatively. Today you might be surprised and you will surprise others as well. You’ll realise that your secret talent is something that you would have never even thought of.


Gemini, for many years now, your focus has been your family. Take time for yourself today. Spend time with your friends. Your former lover wants to catch up with you. Today don’t go running behind your professional goals. Stay at home and help out where needed.


Cancer, there may be a discussion about purchasing a property or some valuable possession. This is going to turn out to be a very beneficial investment for you in the future. Your financial worries are almost over. Shopping will tire you today.


Leo, a good day ahead of you today. Expect a deep, meaningful conversation with someone with someone you love. You’re going to have your eyes opened by this person today. There’s lots that you’re going to learn and there’s lots that you can teach as well. It’s a happy day for you and things will go your way.


Opportunities to meet new people will put themselves in front of you. Grab it and go ahead. Don’t say no to things today as whatever you agree to is bound to turn out in your favour. It’s going to be a day of socialising for you. You get a chance to meet up with a lot of relatives and friends.


Libra, it is time to review your stand on various issues. Don’t let your ego come in the way of relationships. Put your ego aside and try to apologise for the hurt you may have caused someone. Don’t worry, things will get fixed once you own up to your mistakes.


Scorpio, expect some guests at your home. Your social life is booming and it’s your turn to give a treat. People always like being around you, and your house gives out all the fun vibes that everyone loves and needs to unwind. Take adequate rest today as you have a long and tiring weak ahead.


Don’t make any moves today. You seem a little confused and it is best not to make hasty decisions. Think of things more than twice before you agree to go ahead with something. In fact, it’s best to not make any decisions at all today. Just go about your day like you usually would, without making any life changing choices.


Cap, you are very passionate about certain things and put all your energies into achieving them. Today is the perfect day to go ahead with them as there is no way that it can go wrong. It could be work related or love related. Just follow your passion and desire, and it will lead you the right way.


Aquarius, keep your opinions to yourself today and just try to be a good listener. Things you say might also be held against you and you don’t want that. You might damage other people’s feelings with your words so it’s best to remain on the quiet side of things today.


Don’t reveal your cards today. Don’t talk about your goals and plans with others as they will only work out best if you move into action silently. Prove yourself to others without making a big deal out of it and you’ll definitely gain the respect of people around you.


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