Daily horoscope: What is in store for you , today (May 19)


Aries, don’t be reclusive; start a conversation. Even those who are close to you have failed to read your mind. Your creativity is at an all-time high. Channel this energy wisely. You may feel like whiling away your time today. Don’t do that. Get out and finish all pending work. You may have found someone attractive Express your feelings.


Taurus, romance is in the air. Remember, communication is the key to a healthy relationship and you have that calibre. Make sure you express what you want from this relationship so the two of you are on the same page. If there’s something that isn’t working out then find time to think about it and set actions to fix it. Wear red colour dresses.


Gemini, you think you were taken for a ride by someone you loved. But you have an amazing capacity to come out of the hard feelings. Unusual opportunities might come your way today. Don’t be afraid of them. Appreciate the new things being put in front of you. You have devoted your life to the welfare of people around you. Take sometime out for you as well.


Cancer, your responsibilities are increasing. So far you have outsourced all the worries to your partner. You are going to impress a lot of people around you. Your charisma is going to come in use today as well. You know how to get things done. Enjoy the day with your family and friends. Avoid clashes and enjoy the attention you get.


Leo, use caution today. Not a good day for long trips or drives. If possible, then postpone your trip by a day or two. Your financials are going to improve. Create a reserve for your dream project. For some of you, the pursuit of higher knowledge is going to take centrestage. You may be tempted to overspend. Best way is to avoid such situations. Recite “om namah Shivaya” 101 times if you decide to travel.


Virgo, if you’ve been feeling blocked about a certain project, you will have a revelation that could potentially change the course of your work. Trust your intuition. A lot of things will come in your favour. Today you can celebrate the good tidings you are experiencing. Try to make all the moments last today. Focus on the good things in your life. Go for a date or get out with some friends.


Libra, you might have some hard feelings about a person. Remember that you are also responsible for such a situation. Many times you assume things. You are reluctant to ask the other person. Taking time off from each other could actually help you heal your relationship. Try to stay clear of any past lovers that you think you might reignite something with.


Single Scorpions, if you’ve got your eyes on someone, consider this as your cosmic cue to make a move. Today is a good day to start something anew. Your energy is at its peak. But don’t rush into things and complicate things. Give sufficient thought to your plans. Try to keep all the bigger decision making for tomorrow. Good day to go out with friends or close kin.


Sag, you suffer from lack of faith in yourselves. You are torn into different directions. Reclaim the reins of your life. You have the power to alter the script of your life with focused intention. If you think something is right, then stand up for it and if you think something is wrong, then speak up on that as well.


There are some fears that are keeping you paralysed. Strengthen your mind. Focus on your strengths. top worrying over your limitations. A job may turn out to be more difficult than you expected it to be. You have to find strength to fight off your anxieties, Capricorn. Just try to remain calm and don’t get scared. Talk to your loved ones. This will give a lot of respite.


It’s a good idea for you to rest and be less active today. But you don’t know how to take rest. That is your problem. Ever active, ever worrying about your things. Your health might take its toll on you. Try to get some sleep as you’ve haven’t had enough of it lately. Watch a movie or visit a place of worship or simply meditate for sometime.


The scales of justice are in your hand. The need for boundaries of some sort could come up today. You might be offered different opportunities. Try to take up all of them as this will open a portal to success and new relationships for you. You’re also going to have a lot of free time today, so try to be productive instead of just wasting it doing nothing.