Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (May 17)


A good day for businessmen. Your risks will start paying dividends. However, you should be careful about the words you use. There is a risk that you will be misunderstood. One person in the opposite sex may be interested in you. The mental compatibility may not match


Taurus, you feel peaceful at work more than at your home. You like accolades and praises. You have a very intuitive mind. You’re going to feel like you know everything. Your partner will be annoyed with many of your habits. But stay calm. Go out with friends or talk to them.


Gemini, thoughts about one of your loved ones may make you emotional, though you may not betray it. You will be busy on your domestic front. You may get a chance to go on a short trip. Meditate some time or visit a place of worship today.


Cancer, you will feel blessed today. Everything will fall into place itself without your efforts. You are centre of attraction today. You don’t like to hurt anyone but some people find pleasure in annoying you. Ignore it. You may have worries about your financials. That may be the cause of friction in your family. But you know how to steer clear of that.


Leo, you may strike a new friendship today. You cannot put up with people who are deceptive and cunning. But avoid picking up fights with them. Stay focussed on your job. Worship Agni.. light a lamp before stepping out of your house.


Virgo, you are at your intuitive best today. You can see through the designs of some people who may behave extremely courteous to you but backbite you. Don’t waste your time on them. Don’t pick up a fight with your boss today. A change in job position (or a new job) is on cards.


Libra, your financial worries may be settled. Your stars are aligned in beneficial position that any investment will beget you good returns. Do invest something for the future. One message from a friend may make your day.


Scorpio, you have been putting off several things because you didn’t muster enough courage to go ahead and do. Have faith in god and yourself. Sometimes you are overpowered by negativity. Ignore negative thoughts. You are basically a strong person, though. You care for someone who is not reciprocating. But do not worry. Good times are ahead for you. Good day to worship Shakti.


You get a lot of attention from your colleagues. Your bosses will be happy with you. You might notice development in your workplace. If you’ve been having a tough time with some people, then today is the day that it’s all going to get sorted out. You are a romantic person and will never be tired of attention from opposite sex.


Cap, it’s important to find time to socialise. Do something that will make you happy. Stay away from troublesome people because you may land in trouble because of them. Someone will surprise you with some proposal for a project. Romance is on air. Don’t enter into any relation that you will not be able to sustain for long. Drive carefully.


Aquarius, nothing can distract you from your work. You’ve been thinking too much about what could have been. It’s time to forget about that. The future holds a lot of good for you so there’s no reason in delving into the past. Sit down and laugh at the mistakes you’ve made as they’ve all been a lesson learnt.


Pisces, you have a mind your own. You might feel weird being the centre of attention. Pay attention to your health. At domestic front, there might be some friction. Don’t hurt others. You will get a call or message from a long lost friend or ex-flame. You will feel nostalgic. You might give some valuable inputs at the workplace which will be appreciated by all.



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