Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (May 12)


    Don’t play games with your mind. You may want to show off your skills. Be realistic. Careful with your words. Meditating on your troubles will give you clarity on how to proceed.


    Taurus, you are obsessed with your job. It’s a very productive day for you. Make a list of things you’ve been trying to get done for a while but haven’t been able to. You don’t want to distracted and focus only on your goals.


    You may not happy with the way your romantic affair is going. You have to take realistic analysis. Then you’ll understand where things are going wrong, and you’ll also realise that these things are easily solvable. Communication is key for the success. Wait for reciprocation from the other side also.


    Cancer, don’t be judgmental today. You may get a call from a friend today. The friend may need emotional support from you. Remember to be the comforting shoulder for them. Take rest for sometime as your body needs it badly.


    Leo, you have the capacity to make an impression on others. People are going to see the positive vibes blooming out of you. Pass your wisdom to someone who might need it, but do it in a humble maner.


    Virgo, people may approach you for advice today. The irony is that you are battling with your own problems. Seclude yourself and meditate for some time. Worship Sun god, everything will be alright.


    Libra, people may approach you to solve their problems. Take your time to help them out as they look up to you and your wisdom for advice.


    Scorpio, stay low-key today. Your reckless nature may land you in trouble. Keep away from all hassles. It will help you relax your nerves and keep you away from any trouble coming your way.


    Sag, you’re having trouble making decisions. Your perspective might be conflicted, so it’s always better to ask for help as someone’s fresh mind might help you make the best decisions. Focus on your goals. Meditate for sometime.


    Cap, give a thorough analysis of situation before you take a decision. You’re feeling impulsive, so instead of doing important things, try to channel that energy into having fun. Learn a skill or read some books. Such activities give you a lot of reassurance.


    Aquarius, yesterday was hectic and today spend some time for yourself. You need to conserve your energy for the days ahead. Your next week will be mixed. You may be hassled by some events in your family. But there will be a lot of opportunities to rejoice also.


    Today you put all the serious things to one side and let your hair down. Do something you haven’t done in a while, and set your mind into relaxation mode. You’re bound to have a good day.

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