Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (June 9)


Aries, a lot of positive changes might happen in your life today. People around you have been looking up to you for inspiration. They will be impressed by your success. Good day to start new projects.


Taurus, don’t think from your heart today. Take a long-term view of things. Don’t let your emotions ride your day, as it’s very possible that it might happen. If you need to take a mental health break, it’s best to take it and meditate to clear your mind before going back to work.


Gemini, you’ve taken the backseat for too long. You should take charge of your life. Don’t fall for the smooth words of people around you. Instead, keep doing what you want to and make sure you’re focused.


Cancer, in both your personal and professional life, you’re going to be put through teamwork. Don’t let this get in the way of your productivity. If you feel blocked by the people around you, make sure you tell them in the nicest way possible, without hurting their feelings. However, do try your best to make it in the team.


Leo, your confidence will be misconceived as arrogance. But you know what you are. If there’s something you’re competing for, it’s guaranteed that you will win today. Pray to Agni before you step out of your home.


Virgo, you are in complete control of everything happening in your life. There is clarity in your mind. Luck is on your side. Don’t allow it to get into your head.


Today is all about sitting back and watching things fall in place. You will not have to put any effort in doing anything today as things will automatically work out for you. Spend the time you have to read and do something you haven’t been able to do in a while. Step out of your bed and take a walk to keep your health and spirits in check .


Scorpio, travel is in your cards today. You need to step out of your comfort zone and do things you wouldn’t usually do. Change is good, and a monotonous life can get you stuck in circles. Go ahead and take this travel opportunity.


Sag, you’re not thinking straight and you’re too excited to make any decisions. Make sure you ask for a second opinion before making any big choices as this could affect your future. Keep a low-key profile so you don’t get noticed too much today.


Cap, you show people how you actually feel about them. Don’t hide your emotions in fear of being rejected. It’s best to be open and make people realise that you’re not the emotionless person they think you are.


Aquarius, things will grow for you in terms of your career, and in your personal life, people will learn to appreciate you more. It’s a good day for you Aquarius. Make the most out of it.


Pisces, you just might not get what you expected. Otherwise, your day is going to go smoothly. Spend some time trying to workout to clear your head of the doubtful thoughts you’ve been having.


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