Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (June 8)


Aries, you don’t not like being controlled by others. But at the same time keep an open mind to new ideas. Appreciate their ideas, and give your opinions in a very humble way, making sure you don’t hurt anybody. Take a long-term view of issues.


Taurus, today is the best day to connect with friends. It’s good to stay in touch with people from your past, especially if you have some good memories with them. Take timeout with friends.


Gemini, an old friend who you haven’t connected with a lot lately is going to reach out to you. Remember that this person was there for you when you needed someone, and today they might need you. Treat the person well.


Cancer, spend some time picking out a new haircut, or go shopping and pick out new outfits for yourself. You’ve been stuck with the same look for a long time and you need a fresh change. You need to take care of your health which has been giving you some tension.


Leo, your attitude has resulted in many friends going away from you Time to change your attitude. Mend relationships that have been shattered a while back. Meditate for some time.


Virgo, a phase of self-doubt has set in. This is not good for you. You’ve been on the path to success for so long, and it’s too late to give up now. Put the self-doubt on the backseat and focus on the good around you. Make some changes in your life to drive away the monotony.


Libra, you may encounter uncomfortable situations today. Try to engage yourself with people you already know to stay out of trouble. Try not to over-react. Be careful while talking to people whom you might need to meet in future as well. Meditate for some time. Worship Agni before you step out of your home.


Scorpio, it is testing time for you today. Keep your calm and think of things rationally. You might also feel attached to different things and people that might hurt you. Remember that you’re in an emotional phase today, so don’t worry it will pass.


Sag, misunderstandings and miscommunication could create problems for you today. Make sure you communicate with people around you so they can understand you. You are crowded with assignments.


You’re going to placed in a very mediating way today. You might have to solve problems between two people that you love. Don’t be all guru-like, and step out of the issue. Make it clear that you don’t want to be involved in all of this as you don’t want to ruin your relationship with either of the people. Keep your ground strong and don’t get involved.


Aquarius, your first instinct today is going to be to run away from all your personal problems. This is never the answer. Don’t be scared, sit down with someone whom you can rely on and explain the issue to them. This person is likely to help you out with whatever problems you’re facing. Keep an open mind and make sure you listen to what they’re trying to say.


Things are going to go your way and whatever problems others might be facing, they’re going to come to you to help them out. Make sure you show them the right path, however, don’t force your opinions on them. Let them make their own decisions. You’re just a guide.


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