Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (June 26)


Aries, today you’ll see a person who will help you realise your dream. It may be an idea or a directive. More surprises are in store for you today. Be prepared to be surprised in a good way.


Taurus, try to spend time with the person you’ve been seeking out for a while. The romantic evening you were planning may not play out the way you wanted it. Unexpected events will upset your plans. However, you will be busy with your personal matters.


Gemini, you need to step out and get some adventure to get your adrenaline rushing. Do things that you wouldn’t usually do together. This will create fun and a new perspective in both your lives. It will also help you jump out of the bubble you’re living in. Happiness is in the cards for you today.


Cancer, someone is having romantic thoughts about you. You start enjoying it as well. You will see the world with a new eye and you’ll love it. You’ll notice that things aren’t as bad as you think they are. Realise that you’re doing great in your life. It’s okay to feel lost sometimes, but remember that you’re not actually lost.


Cosmic positions are affecting your mental state. Don’t be stubborn. Be flexible and accept the things as they come. Use your energy to boost your mood and attitude. Step away from your work life and do something different for a change. Life can get boring if you keep doing the same thing and you don’t want that to happen.


A kind of inertia has set in in your life. You are at a loss when some change occurs in your life. Try to step out of your comfort zone today. Explore the world outside your small cocoon.


Libra, stick to your plans. Your day might bring your surprises, but they’ll all be good and in your favour. So don’t feel down today. It’s a good day for you.


Romance is going to involve an element of surprise. You might end up trying something you haven’t done before. Before judging anything, give it a shot. You might just enjoy this new way of doing things. Don’t be too fast to turn offers down today. Think carefully, some of them might actually benefit you.


Sag, don’t let the negative side of your mind trump the positive. If you want to find out more about this person, take the first step and go talk to them. Things will work out for the good.


Cap, someone from your past might text you today. Perhaps it could be an old friend, or even an old lover who you haven’t spoken to in a while. Take this as an opportunity to reconnect with them. This person is showing interest in you, and you’ve been alone for too long now. Reciprocate the interest and see where life takes you on this journey. Don’t be scared.


Aquarius, if you’re single, try going on a date or two and see where your heart and mind takes you. Explore new people and new things. Don’t stick to what you like. Try new things and you’ll be surprised how much fun you’ll have with it.


Pisces, an unplanned event is going to make you meet someone special today. You’ll be surprised by what is coming your way. Today is going to be good for you in terms of romance.