Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (June 25)


Aries, you need to give a lot of attention to yourself. Aries women may receive news related to fertility or pregnancy. Giving adequate time to yourself is a necessity. You will experience inner peace and contentment. Fears will vanish. Enjoy good food and meditate daily.


Taurus, this is time say good bye to conflicts with your partner. Shower love on your better half. Your task this week is to vibrate and the frequency of unconditional love and see how you can be there for your beloved and hold space for them to grow.


Gemini, you are assailed by many confusions. On relationship matters also you are fed up with some idiosyncrasies of your partner. Leave no room for weak moments. You should demand equal commitment from your partner.


Cancer, understand that you cannot solve everybody else’s problems. To be there for others is a wonderful quality. But, you cannot do it at the cost of your mental peace. Could you be draining your own resources in the bargain? Understand what the motivation behind your own actions is. Even with your partner sometimes you will have to put your foot down.


Leo, compassion is a great quality. You don’t normally wait for others’ approval to do good for people around you. Your seniors in the profession may not like your way of decision-making. They may not express it openly. But don’t ruffle feathers unnecessarily.


Virgo, life is too short to be restricted to the profession. You need to invest a lot of time on the home front also. There are many pending works that need to be finished in a time-bound manner. Take extra care about your financials.


Libra, you might experience some miracle. You may get positive vibes from a person of opposite sex. Enjoy the turn of events. You will find that more and more people appreciate your point of view. Some people may get into new love affairs.


Scorpio, this is the time to focus on your negative traits and remove them. You should not be a spendthrift. At the same time don’t annoy your dear and near ones with nasty accounts of your spends. You are home-oriented person. So don’t do anything that will upset peace at home.


Sag, play by your own rules. You have immense potentialities. Remind yourself that boundaries are sacred and must not be trespassed. Coupled Sagittarians, reflect upon what ‘sensuality’ means to you. Express your desires through both actions and words.


Cap, express your love to your partner. There is nothing wrong in taking extra care to please your partner. One must work on relationship. Let your imagination take over.


Aquarius, you may indulge in fights at your work place with seniors. A new change in the top positions at your work may have brought some respite to you. You always search for a middle ground but you won’t find it always.


Pisces, somebody who truly loves you will not require you to dull your sparkle. You have worked hard for some time. It is time to enjoy fruits of your labour. You are focussed and steadfast.


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