Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (June 20)


Aries, you are gifted with good looks, health and wealth. Enjoy your fortunes. All you need to do today is uplift people with your attractive and positive vibes. Happiness is all you’re getting today. Thank your stars for your fortunes. Today is a good day for poor feeding. Give food to a hungry person.


Taurus, your health condition might have caused worry in you about your looks. But don’t think too much of it because everything looks great. You’re just judging yourself a little too much. Meditate for some time. Share happiness around.


Gemini, a person whom you meet regularly has a special affection for you. You have also been encouraging that person. Never go overboard. You’re going to be surrounded by friends and family all day, who will be beaming about what you mean to them. Make sure you reciprocate and show them some love as well.


Cancer, you are in bliss. You meet many people who are dear to you. Your goals are clear to you, but you might be running into hurdles you never planned for. This isn’t a big deal. Everyone comes across things that they certainly can’t cross. Ask for help from loved ones and you’ll be out of the mess in no time.


Leo, unexpected reunions are coming your way today. You might want to take this opportunity to talk business and start up a new initiative. Be open to new ideas.


Virgo, your irritability and annoyance is just going to drive people away from you all the more. Instead of getting angry at this, try to uplift your mood. Light a lamp and pray before Agni for sometime. This will do good to you.


Libra, today you’ll find yourself adjusting to the needs of the people around you. This might make you feel uncomfortable, but everyone around you will start seeing you in a new light and will appreciate the efforts you’re putting in adapting to new situations.


Scorpio, push yourself in the spotlight today. Someone might be taking credit for something that you’ve done. Make sure you let people know where you stand and remind them that you’re the one who put everything in action. Don’t let anyone stand over your work and your name. Keep your head up high and make sure people know what you’re capable of.


Sag, you are meeting your old friends and acquaintances. It’s a good day to agree with what others are saying, or come do a mutual agreement. Don’t force yourself on people today if you don’t want any conflict in the future.


Cap, You’ll find yourself wanting all the attention, and this is very unlike you and you might also feel horrible about this later. It’s okay Cap, everyone wants some attention at time and out of everyone, you deserve it the most. Don’t feel bad for wanting to be the center of attention for a change. You’re always putting others before you secretly, and it’s okay to want to put yourself first.


Aquarius, you go extra mile to help others but you won’t lag in your work also. Everyone has priorities and right now, you might not be this person’s top priority. But that doesn’t mean that no one loves you. You don’t need validation from others to make yourself feel better.


Pisces, you might feel like whiling away your time. But you have plenty of pending work to be done. You can’t sit home and relax, there will be plenty of time to do that. Get up and go to work, help your colleagues out with whatever they need and you’ll see that it was definitely worth it being productive.



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