Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (June 12)


Aries, don’t waste your time over past. You might have faced certain bitter unpleasant incidence in the past on your personal life. Don’t cling onto that one person. Look for the future. Meditate to keep yourself calm.


Taurus, though some of your blood relations are worse than enemies, you still have a lot of supportive friends and family members around you. You’ve been feeling a little off lately, but don’t worry, your friends and family are there for you. Instead of focusing on work, do something fun with your loved ones. Something to freshen up your mind and give you a break. Things will turn out okay for you Taurus, don’t think too much.


Gemini, set aside your bad feelings towards some persons. Situations and circumstances change. The past is the past and it cannot be changed. There’s no point in thinking about it now as it will just hurt you more. You have wonderful capacity to leave behind unpleasant happenings in your life and move on in life. Pray to Agni.


Cancer, if you don’t ask, you won’t receive. You expect people to understand you without saying anything. Instead of just waiting around expecting people to do things for you, tell them what you really want. You are chasing someone in life who you are sure won’t support you much. Be nice to people around you. Don’t take them for granted.


Leo, you set your own conditions in life and want others to conform to them. Your lion’s share of time is going into your profession. You take your family members for granted. Focus on your personal life.


Virgo, don’t focus on the tough patches of your relationship today. Show to your family members that despite many differences, you actually care for them. You may have to put up with some idiosyncrasies of your partner/lover. Move out with your partner on a trip.


Libra, health is a major worry today. Take some rest and relax. Don’t go strenuous exercise or exertions. Keep yourself hydrated. Think about your future plans.


Scorpio, don’t get paranoid about your career. Things in your professional life are going to go extremely well from now on. As I always say, your family is your strength. You may have some financial difficulties. Things will improve. Pump up your personal life a bit.


You have some meetings to attend today. Keep yourself prepared.  You might even want to pull out some old board games or a deck of cards. It’s going to be a fun time today so enjoy it to your most. Make sure you remind your family how much they mean to you since it’s been a while that you’ve spent time with them.


Cap, today is the best day to do things in a different way. Not everything and everyone understands the straight way of doing stuff. To get your way, you might have to be slightly cunning today. Convince people around you about the benefits of helping you out, and they’ll definitely come your way.


Aquarius, you’ve been living in a dream bubble and today it’s about to pop. Time to get back to your daily routine and work on yourself. Focus on the things around you and don’t try to grab all the attention. Give people a chance to talk as well, and stop bossing them around.


Pisces, don’t force things that aren’t happening, It’s better to accept what is happening and move on with your life. Everything happens to lead up to success in your life, so believe that and move ahead. It’s a good day to plan things for future.


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