Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (June 11)


You should be very careful about what information you should share with others. You have communication skills and ability to convince people. But sometimes you go off-mark which might land you in trouble. A romantic relationship will get stronger.


You may undertake an adventurous activity. You are passionate about certain things. You will surprise your partner with passion and energy. Enjoy all the pleasures without any guilty feeling. Some of you might get attracted to persons outside marriage. Be careful that it won’t affect your marriage.


You will get unexpected success in some projects you have undertaken. Be careful about jealous some relatives who are out to spoil your life. When it comes to love, you give equal consideration to the responsibilities of a relationship and the fun of passion that arrives very suddenly.


You will get new ideas today. You could get money and gifts from your loved ones. Smile at voices trying to tempt you and give most of your attention where it will make the greatest difference.


A new career option is getting brighter for you. Your motivation is strong and a healthy lifestyle plan is a welcome challenge. In love, a clear picture in your mind of your ideal partner signals their arrival.


Virgo, be ready for steamy glances and glamorous invitations. Your romantic relation is getting deeper. Your suspicions about compatibility will vanish when you know each other more. Give attention to your career also.


Libra, this is the time to remodel your home. You have been spending most of your time on professional aggrandisement. Venus motivates you to put love hopes into plain words.


Scorpio, show your emotions now. If you were holding back, set your true feelings free. There will be many different reactions but all spell progress. Take time for yourself. Meditate for sometime


Neptune’s home-loving side influences your chart and makes life calmer, as the moon asks you to consider carefully the quantity and quality of sleep you get. But this doesn’t make for a cool passion day. Quite the opposite, in fact. Your glow of inner generosity turns every face towards you.


Cap, you have some brilliant ideas but many times you don’t show courage to put them into action. Muster courage and put them into action. A Taurus person might be interested in you.


You may face some financial difficulties. But don’t worry, you can tide over them. Household chores are going to drain your energies. But you can expect some positive changes in your life as well.


Communication is your strong point. People who love you do so for who you are, not who you feel you should be. Many people in the opposite sex may find you very attractive. Focus on your career as well.


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