Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (June 1)


Today people will get attracted to you. An ideal day for dating. Take time out to spend with friends.


Taurus, look for talks, seminars, and workshops that pique your interest. You’ll be surprised by how much you to take back to work with you once you allow yourself to expand your horizons.


Gemini, this weekend promises joyous tidings on both the personal and professional front. Friends are likely to pay a visit. Don’t overindulge.



Cancer, you’re making headways in the right direction. But some fears and insecurities crop up in your mind. But your will power and dedication will help to tide over certain hurdles that come in your way. Stay focussed.



Leo, you have the power to transform the world around with your kindness and your compassion. Spend some time with your dear ones. A conversation with your father or elderly person could be therapeutic.



Virgo, you are under no obligation to be ‘politically correct’. You always stand with truth and justice. Sometimes we may need to call spade a spade.


Libra, allow the gift of forgiveness to transform the most challenging relationships. How do you know you’ve really let go? When the same person or situation evokes a feeling of gratitude for the lessons learned.


Scorpio, realise the importance of relationships. No matter how demanding your schedule gets, make time to be around those you love. Your parents need your support.


Sag, you have not been a good planner and you are paying the price for that. Take control of your life. You can only do this by understanding your power and potential.


Cap, you may feel like your entire world is falling apart. Is it really? Don’t give into your own drama. Despite the outward appearance of things, this is a huge breakthrough moment for you—one that is helping you see the light. What you’re offered in this moment: an opportunity to see who your accomplices are on this journey.


Aquarius, recognise the things that are not in alignment with your higher self and gently move them out of your way. The transition is likely to feel anything but easy. Don’t let that stop you from marching forward with dignity and grace.


Pisces, you are moving closer and closer to your best life. You have an entire team looking up to your for guidance and support. Pisces, do what it takes to show them the light.


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