Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (July 9)


Before taking up big tasks finish up the minor tasks. Impact of lunar position according to your charts causes anxieties in your mind. Though this is a temporary phase, you are advised to remain careful. Meditate for some time.


Your health issues continue to worry you. Things on the work front might seem really tiring, but no one except you can get these things done. Remember that your work is exceptional and people are counting on you today. Focus on long-term goals.


Gemini, don’t throw your weight around. You need to befriend those who work under you. Understand that if they have a greater comfort level with you, then work will be done better. Differences with your spouse should be resolved tactfully. Worship Agni.


Cancer, taking charge isn’t your strongest suit, but you’re going to be offered a position at work where you’ll be the head of your department. This might scare you, but it’s a good thing as it is going to offer you immense personal growth. Don’t let a designation scare you away from work. Shut your mind off from other things for sometime. Focus only on performance.


Leo, feeling dejected about lack of progress on work front? The eternal message of the Bhagwat Gita is the answer. You have to work hard and don’t worry much about the results. They will come. Your will definitely be appreciated. Focus on doing things better.


You might be having doubts on yourself today, but those doubts are baseless. You’re succeeding at what you’re doing and the people around you love and appreciate you more than you’re aware of. You need to stop finding validation in everything you do. Don’t worry, your work is being seen and you’re doing good. Just have some confidence in yourself.


Libra, your positivity is infectious. Even though you might not be the boss of anyone, people are going to follow what you say more than any superior. So make sure you make the right decisions and give them the right advice.


Scorpio, people in your team might be from very different backgrounds so you’re going to have to take care of it all yourself. Make sure your mates get along with each other or it might hinder your work. Take the lead Scorpio, it’s what you were made for.


Sag, sometimes doing things out of the good in your heart might turn out to be beneficial for you. Your superiors will see your skills which they don’t usually get to see and this might result in a promotion for you.


Cap, you have experience in all areas as well, and you’re striving for your boss to notice this. However, someone at work might stop your progress all together and this will affect what people think of you.


Aquarius, try to stay out of sticky situations and just focus on what you started working there for. Don’t meddle in other people’s businesses as this will get you into loads of trouble with everyone. It’s best to stick to what you know with whom you know and not venture out to grasp something new.


Pisces, the discipline you conduct yourself with is going to be shown in the best way possible and your superiors might even think of giving you a promotion. Make sure you stick to your disciplined side and follow the code of conduct right.

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