Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (July 8)


Aries, today, you will encounter embarrassing situations. It will not the making of others, but your own. Although you are intelligent, you fail to react aptly to people.


Taurus, some of your close relative is jealous of you. You must work on your relationship with your spouse. Frequent frictions are not good for your mental health and peace in the family. Those who are single, don’t force yourself into a relationship.


Gemini, you might be feeling a little introverted today. You may also experience mood swings. This could be because of the changes in your body and mind. Try not to be too rigid or rude.


Cancer, you’re going to be feeling quite moody today. Make sure you don’t let your mood affect other people as this can cause friction between you and them. Take a day off and away from people.


Leo, don’t be too good to people who may have ill-intentions about you. Your habit of seeing the good in people is beneficial at times, but it’s also keeping you blindsided from the people who might not have the best intentions towards you. You are highly impulsive at times and don’t get carried away by other people’s show of respect.


Virgo, if you’re looking for a partner, then you have to step out of your comfort zone and look for the right person. You have to make things happen for them to work. The movie like scenarios only work in movies.


Libra, bring in the romantic side of your personality. One person is showing great interest in you. There might have been some unpleasant experiences in the past. Now, it is time to move on.


You’re going to be able to transform your love life into whatever you want right now. But, for today, it would be best for you take it slow. Don’t rush into things and don’t force yourself upon others. Make sure you’re giving others the space they need and you’re not infringing upon them.


Sag, your life is taking a curious turn. You may feel crush towards someone. Just don’t be nervous, and speak your mind. Things will work out your way for sure. Also, take care of your long-term goals. Nothing should cause a distraction.


Cap, romance is going to come to you in the strangest ways you can think of. Someone who you’ve been eyeing for a while now is going to come your way and profess their feelings to you


Don’t waste time on someone who is not genuinely interested in you. You’ve been running behind someone who wasn’t interested in you. Wait for your turn. Believe that whatever happens, happens for good.

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