Daily horoscope: What is in store for you today (April 30)


    Aries, you are not giving time to yourself. This will have its impact. You should know the healing powers of silence and solitude. Your work is highly demanding today. But meditate on your faculties and improve upon some of the skills or just relax.



    Taurus, take time off with friends or family members. If you have time do the consultation with a doctor, you have been postponing for some time. Your work is important so is your health. Wear sky blue dress.



    You used to worry about money earlier. But now it’s not one of your worries. Acknowledge the efforts of your subordinates and team members. Let them feel adequately rewarded for the work they have put in. Don’t pick up unnecessary quarrel with your partner/lover, today. Wear light yellow.



    Leave your worries today though small frustrations keep coming to you. Cancer, be aware of your limitations. You have some plans for the month. Plan your finances well though that is not much of your worry. You will feel nostalgic today.



    Leo, things are slowly falling into the groove. Still some anxieties will remain. Focus on your future projects. Your nature might be responsible for some of the problems in your life. Mend your ways, self-control is what you should acquire. Take care of your health, as you may feel tired and exhausted.



    Give attention to the food you take; you are vulnerable to suffer from stomach-related problems. Drink plenty of water. You may have to take a call on some important issue. Shirking away from your responsibility is not good. You have the power to make drastic changes in your life. Light a lamp today and meditate on Agni for some time. You will feel a sudden gush of energy flowing into you.



    Libra, you have been waiting for a positive signal from someone. You can expect it today. Think about the positive things happened in your life. When you are in doubt about your capabilities, you must be aware that you immense power to change your destiny. You should be happy that things are moving the way you wanted.



    A lot of good things are happening in your life. A health problem that was haunting you has subsided. Drink plenty of water. On job front also, some changes may affect you positively. A project you’ve been hoping and praying for could land in your hands.



    You are a spiritual person but have abandoned all such thoughts for some time. Meditate for some time. Give some time to yourself. You have a plenty of work to be finished. Do some exercises. Otherwise it will have an impact on your overall health.


    There will be a great deal of clarity on what you have to do in your life. Some action of an individual might have left a negative impact on your life. Talk straight to the person and get it off your mind. Be cautious while talking to your colleagues and friends.



    Somebody pestering you at your work is away or focussing on own work. This will give you adequate time to finish your job at your pace and terms. You are a perfectionist who want others to be like you. Allow others to have their way. This attitude will give you peace of mind. You have a good heart to help others. But you don’t like others entering your space. That’s perfectly ok.



    Pisces, allow yourself to express that one thing you have been shying away from. Romance is in the air and somebody wants to reveal his/her mind. Enjoy the attention you are getting. Ideal day to go for a date or have dinner with friends.


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