Daily horoscope: What is in store for you today (April 22)


    A lot of positive changes are happening in your life. There is an improvement in the strained relationships in your family. This will give a lot comfort to you. Today you will find yourself at peace.


    Don’t take up extra responsibilities today because you have many pending tasks to be completed. Give more time to your profession. A friend of yourself may not be happy with you. Take care of health.


    Your loving nature helps you in achieving your goals you have set for yourself. Those in love will share intimate moments of togetherness. You may be unhappy with your spouse over some domestic issues. But things may improve in the next few days.


    Today you will find yourself in a difficult situation to complete the task at your hand. Complete the work even if it may take a lot of your energies. You tend to procrastinate. This has upset many of your plans.


    There may have some issues with your spouse. Talk it out. You complicate things with your unbending attitude. Sometimes you are not open to reason and logic. Sometimes you will have to shut your mouth and listen to people around you.


    If a friend or a relative offers you an advice take it seriously. You should shed your nonchalant attitude. Your loved ones need your love and care.


     Unexpected turn of events may confuse you. But life is not always a rollercoaster ride. Learn to keep your calm and take things as they come. Start your day with a prayer and you’ll feel the change.


    Professionally you’re passing through a difficult period. But in the next few days, things may improve. Although the reason for the situation is your own making you will learn from this emerging situation.


    There is a lot of confusion and uncertainty in your life though you always procrastinate. Pending works have piled up giving you a nightmare. You must find time to finish pending tasks fast.


    There may be an opportunity knocking at your doors. Act fast. This is no time to be cautious.


    Everything will turn out to be good. You find that things are moving in a positive direction. For some time it was a difficult period. Your hard work will start giving you dividends.


    It’s time to focus more on your task than wasting time on others matters. Today you will meet a person who will be of help in your profession. Be nice to people around you.