Daily horoscope: What is in store for you today (April 18)

    Aries: Profit from the positive tidings in your life. You may have myriad opportunities coming in your way. There is a job promotion in store for you. If you are a businessman wait for some profitable business deals.

    Taurus: Career matters are on the top of your mind. You have not been very happy with the current state of affairs. But things may take a while. Till then wait for your turn.

    Gemini: You are prone to get confused on what you want. Sometimes your expectations from other persons in your life or profession defy logic. Be realistic and proceed.

    Cancer: You are a contented person now. You can take a patient view of things coming in your way. Stars foretell that your income may increase.

    Leo: Many a time, your over-confident nature does not allow you to take things in the right perspective. Good thing about you is that you don’t regret even bad decisions you take and take them in your stride. Don’t cry over spilt milk but look before you leap.

    Virgo: There is some short trip on the cards. Take time out of your busy schedule and get out of your usual surroundings. This will do good for you.

    Libra: You have been holding back on many projects and plans. But things are turning for good. You find that you can take a better decision on the basis of your experience in the past. Trust your instincts and take bold decisions because stars favour you.

    Scorpio: Under the Venus-Mercury influence there may be a beginning or an end to a love affair. New contacts may come in your way. Pursue some creative pursuits.

    Sagittarius: Things are taking a sudden positive turn for you. New opportunities are knocking on your doors. You are assailed by confusion at times. Weigh pros and cons and take a decision. Spend some time on yoga or meditation. This will help your calm in your mind.

    Capricorn: You are assailed by some anxieties. It is very important that you recover from this thought. Find out things that gives you pleasure. Read Bhagwat Gita and meditate.

    Aquarius; You are a practical person by nature. You must get rid of your nature of worrying too much about perfection. You want everything in order and disorder upsets you. Need to become more realistic.

    Pisces: You’d like to come out of your mundane, day-today worries. Go for it. Meet new friends and experiment new things. There is lot to be experienced in the world.